Last review date 03/02/2023

The support team frequently receive questions about why patients are in certain reports or why there is or isn't a patient status alert? This is not always easy to quickly identify but these instructions below may be helpful. 


  • A patient who has had a Pneumococcal vaccination in the past and is now showing as eligible again;
  • Asthma patients who don't have an alert for 'Consider Influenza Vaccination' on their home screen 

1. Why is this patient in this report?

If you are looking at something like Seasonal Influenza or COVID-19 vaccinations then we often build a view into the data entry template to show you what has made the patient eligible. if this doesn't help though please read on. 

2. Why is this alert on this patient?

You may see an alert on a patient home screen but you don't know why it is there. You can click on 'More' to the right of the alert and select 'Why is this alert on this patient?'.

You can get to the same options by right-clicking on the alert symbols under the patient demographics box. Then follow the instructions in section 4 below.  

3. Why is there no alert on this patient?

As with the above, but the reverse scenario where you believe that there should be an alert on a patient home screen but it isn't showing.  In this situation follow the instructions below. 


4. How to investigate further?

Step 1: Retrieve the patient record 

Step 2: Do one of the following;  

  • Click on 'More' on the patient status alert on the home screen 
  • Right-click on the patient status alert symbol below the demographics and select 'Run on Current Patient' 
  • If no alert is showing, navigate to the report ' Reporting > Clinical reporting' and right-click on the report and select 'Run on Current Patient' 

Step 3: However you get to it, on the next window that opens go to the 'Complete Evaluation Output' tab 

Step 4: Expand rows with the black chevrons and you will see where there is a green tick if it has met the reporting requirements and where there is a red cross it has failed. It's a case of looking through row by row until you see what the report has found or equally what is missing.

Example: This patient has been coded with Coeliac Disease which qualifies the patient for a five-yearly booster of Pneumococcal. 

Example: This patient has not been prescribed any asthma medications in the last year, therefore doesn't qualify for a Seasonal Influenza vaccination.