Please see below a summary of the main changes in the most recent release of Ardens Searches. Please click on the links to access the support article on each individual suite.

These searches can all be downloaded from the Ardens Portal ( If you are unfamiliar with the portal, please see this support article here.

The QOF recall search suite has been updated to include recall of Non-diabetic hyperglycaemia. We have also taken the opportunity of removing duplicate reports from the suite, which will improve import speed of the folder.

1.3 Ardens Main Searches v19.9

Appointments and Admin - new ‘Summarisation of patient records’ search added

NHS Health Checks – this folder now just includes invitation searches. The reporting and audit searches are all now in the National Contract Reports folder. Previously there was duplication.

PPA searches – a new folder has been added to this suite to allow practices to count the number of these procedures done, irrespective of whether there has been a prescription issued.


Prescribing > Valproate – searches have been updated to take account of women who may have had a coil or implant fitted elsewhere.

Prescribing > Warfarin – this suite of searches provides a register of all warfarin patients, together with details of recorded indication, duration, target dose etc. 


This suite has been renamed, it was previously ‘Ardens Remote Review Searches’. This was done as the suite has much more use than just as a ‘remote review’ tool. We have removed the Asthma and COPD searches from this folder as the elements from these are now out of date, due to changes in QOF. Furthermore, Ardens Risk Stratification searches better serve to identify these patients most at risk.


5.3 Ardens Manager National Contract Reports v18.5

Current Financial Year > PCN DES > SMR > SMR Data Quality  - an additional search has been added to this folder to identify patients who are on a current repeat medication which has not been issued in the past 13 months. Practices may wish to review these patients to check whether the medication should still be on repeat.