The MAR charts can accessed from the Plan tab on the Drug Review template.  


The MAR chart will auto-populate with the patient's demographic information, including patient name, date of birth, address, contact number and allergies.

There are two versions – simple MAR and detailed MAR; designed for patient use and the care home setting respectively.  The later includes a key along the footer, with codes to indicate reasons why the medication may not have been given as prescribed e.g. refused, asleep, nil by mouth. 


The simple MAR includes timings related to meal times (breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening) whereas the detailed MAR chart allows specific times to be added.  This may be useful to reflect the administration schedule in the care home setting, or as an option for medications where timing is critical e.g. Parkinson’s medication.  The timings would therefore be included if the patient were to transfer into another care setting e.g. emergency admission to hospital.  Both charts have an option to add the date for the week commencing.

The MAR chart will include all repeat items and any current acute medications.  A 'current acute' is a concept within SystmOne and will be included during the time interval the medication was prescribed for e.g. if an antibiotic has been prescribed for seven days, it will no longer appear as a current acute on the eighth day after the prescription was issued.

The MAR chart will include all repeat medications.  Once generated, the MAR chart can be manipulated and any items you do not need to include can be removed at this point.  

Example of simple MAR chart

Example of detailed MAR chart