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Online Consultations are will be available soon on Airmid which is the SystmOne patient app which is free to use for all GP practices. Ardens have been working with SystmOne to provide a set of online consultation questionnaires that are also free for any GP practices to download and use. Please see here for further information.

Activate Online Consultations

1. Go to Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences 

2. Then go to Online Services > Online Consultations 

3. Tick the 'Enable Online Consultations in Airmid' tick box

TIP You can deactivate the online consultations temporarily if you wish simply by unticking this box, for example at weekends.

Setup Questionnaires

1. Save the file attached in the email to your desktop

2. Go to Data Entry > Questionnaires

3. Select ‘Import Questionnaires' and then select the file from your desktop

4. For each questionnaire, go to the 'Airmid Settings' page and tick 'Start online consultations from data entry' and click ok  (if you can’t see this option, please ensure you have completed the 'Activate Online Consultations' steps above)

5. Go to the unpublished questionnaires and for each questionnaire, right click > publish to 'Patient App Users' group

N.B. Setup will be done via Resource Library following the pilot outcomes.

Informing Patients About Online Consultations

You may wish to send an email, SMS or letter to your patients informing them of this new availability of online consultations. Practices can direct their patients to the Airmid Patient Website for further information, including all of the other useful features on Airmid. All the patient needs to do is to just download the Airmid app from the App Store or Play Store. They can log in using either their existing SystmOnline login details or their NHS login details.

Using Online Consultations

1. When a patient submits an online consultation questionnaire, your GP practice will then receive a task on SystmOne.

2. Right click the task and click action to review the responses. Then click ok and you can choose to add the associated SNOMED-CT codes to the patient record. 

3. The questionnaire will then appear in the new journal. Just right click > view to see the responses.

4. The clinician can use the 'Online Consultation' data entry template on SystmOne for guidance and recording any subsequent activity. 

TIP You can set a task rule so that all 'Online Consultation' tasks are assigned to a specific user.

Reporting on Online Consultation Activity - Coming soon

A series of reports are available under Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Appointments > Online Consultations. These reports show the number of online consultations that have been submitted, which are then broken down to the type of problem and the days on which they were submitted. There are also outcome reports to look at the clinician's actions, including any interventions and the follow-up made.


1. Can I make online consultations unavailable to patients at certain times, like at the weekend?

By simply unticking the 'Enable Online Consultations in Airmid' in the top screenshot above, you can make online consultations unavailable to patients. Then just simply re-tick this box to re-enable them and make them available to your patients again.

2. Can I make my own online consultation questionnaire?

Yes you can, but please do consider speaking to us first as we will hopefully be able to offer our expertise to help ensure that you provide a truly great online consultation service for your patients and clinicians to use.

3. What about accessibility for patients with poor vision?

If patients have any accessibility issues, simply advise the patient to use their own phone's accessibility functionality that they should be familiar with already.

4. Are these online consultations available in other languages?

These online consultations are only available in English.