There are two main types of carer that can be recorded in the patient record. To ensure appropriate patient care and practice income it is important that practices record the correct type. 

Formal Carers

These are patients who are carers as an occupation and are paid to give care. These patients are normally not included in the eligibility for Seasonal Influenza and should normally be vaccinated by their occupational health. 

Code for formal carers - 'Carer Ub1ju [229774002]' 

From the read code browser you can see that this code sits below 'Welfare Occupations' 

Informal Carers

Generally these patients are relatives, friends or neighbours who provide informal voluntary care for another patient. These patients are generally included as eligible for Seasonal Influenza and should be offered vaccination, carer reviews etc by the practice. 

Codes for informal carers - 'Patient themselves providing care Ua0VL [224484003]' and all child codes

Reports to identify carers

These can be found in 'Conditions | Frailty and End of Life > Registers'. These lists can be reviewed and if appropriate the codes amended.

Templates to record carer

The carer codes can be found on a number of templates including; 

  • New Patient Registration
  • Care Team & Relationships
  • Carer Assessment