If the patient has an existing diagnosis you can access the template via the Patient Status Alert within the Patient Demographics Box. The template will default to the review tab.

Otherwise go to Auto-consultation > ardens CONDITIONS DIABETES AND ENDOCRINOLOGY > Hypothyroidism. The template will default to the Notes tab.

The template is split in to 4 tabs: Notes, Diagnoses, Review, Resources


Review drop down for annual or ad-hoc review

Fields for BP, Pulse etc. any previous values will display on right side of template

TfTs will be populated here for TSH & T4 levels in patient record, again any historical values will display on right side of template.


Ticking any one of the boxes in this section will then highlight the required fields in the Medication section below this.

i.e. if TFTs normal is ticked then the Continue thyroxine dose at field & Repeat TFTs in routine 1y tick box would be highlighted as the appropriate action and so on.


Click Formulary to prescribe and or view current & previous medications.  Repeat medication can be re-issued from here and any acute medications re-prescribed.

TSH & T4 levels will be populated in the fields.  Click the relevant dose required to generate the script for the medication.

Tick any advice given

Ranges & guidance are displayed in the blue section.

The view in the bottom part of the template shows Allergies & Sensitvities; current & previous medications. Right click on any medication to re-issue/re-prescribe.

Click Print Prescription  


Tests view recent TSH & T4 results

View criteria for diagnosis & tick relevant boxes

Link to New Electronic Pathology Request to request bloods 

Use the Notes tab to record free text and Resources for Patient Information Leaflets, for more information on how to send a leaflet by SMS or email see here