You can send a Med3 electronically by e-mail (or through using AccuRx ChainSMS if this is installed). The steps set out below explain how to do this. 

1. Check that you have a PDF printer installed

To check this, open a word document and choose File > Print. You should have an option there for ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ (or something similar):

A screenshot of a cell phone 
Description automatically generated

If you do not have this option, please visit for simple instructions that explain how to add a PDF printer.

2. Ensure that the PDF printer is set as the default printer

To check this open up Printers & Scanners in the windows setting menu. You should then be able to see the printer in question. Firstly ensure you have un-ticked the option ‘Let windows manage my default printer’, then left click on this printer and then click on manage.


On the next page that comes up the is a button to set the printer as default.

To ensure the Med3 form prints out correctly as a PDF and fits on the page go back to the 'Manage' option above and 'Printing Preferences > Advanced' and select A4 as the paper size, then click Ok twice. If this makes no difference you may need to select A5 or another different option as the paper size. 

3. Creating the Fit Note

Create the Fit note in the normal manor though SystmOne. Once completed, print by clicking 'Ok & Print' as usual. 

This will pull up the option to save the document as a PDF. so name the file and pick the location (creating a Med3 folder on your desktop could be useful).

4. Signing the Fit Note

Open the document that you have just saved in your PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat is ideal for this). If the document is rotated right click anywhere on the document and select 'Rotate Clockwise' until it is the correct way up. Here you have the ability to add a signature to the document, this can be done using the 'Fill & Sign' option either freehand using the mouse  or could be a pre-existing digital signature.

Once signed, the document can then be save and is ready to attaching to a email or sending via external source such as MJOG or Accurx ChainSMS.    

NB It is advisable to discuss with the practice management to ensure that you have permission before implementing this as it may not be acceptable locally under the terms of your Information Governance policies.