Last review date 03/02/2023

For a summary of all of our Coronavirus COVID-19 resources, please see here.

Given the current strain being placed on general practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have grouped together all of the downloads that are needed to set up remote work be this on a personal or surgery computer. 

Remote Working Files 

In addition to these programs you will also need an HSCN connection. This can be achieved via a number of different VPN clients, with your CSU being able to advise on their approved providers. 

Requirements - Please Note: 

Please see Annex A latest NHSE guidance
Next Steps On General Practice Response To COVID 19 and Information Governance Guidance

  • You will need a Windows laptop / PC
  • You must gain permission from the practice management before downloading on home equipment
  • You must observe good information governance i.e. 
    • Do not allow others to use you login
    • Don't allow others to have view of your screen 
    • lock your screen when leaving unattended for any length of time
  • If you need to remove smartcard readers or any IT equipment from the practice you should have permission to do so
  • You must ensure that you have antivirus software installed, running and up to date
  • You will need an approved VPN


Download link for SystmOne


When prompted to, insert; 


Cisco AnyConnect

If you are using a BT VPN token or another provider that uses Cisco AnyConnect you need to download the client. Contact your local IT support for this.

Once downloaded and installed open the program, a small box will open (see below). Enter the server address “” and click connect.


When it has connected, enter your username and pin number followed by the number generated by the token. 

Smart Cards

All the resources required can be found on this web page;

Set up smartcard software

You may be able to access EPS (electronic prescribing) and Choose & Book when using SystmOne remotely. This depends on how your VPN is configured locally. You are going to need a smartcard reader in order to do this (you could just take home a spare computer keyboard that has a built-in smart card reader and plug this into your computer - there is no need to actually use the keyboard as your normal keyboard will still work but the smartcard reader in the second keyboard will work).

Download the smartcard software using the links below (if you see an error that relates to the .Net framework please see Troubleshooting below).

  • First download the Gemalto middleware software and install it:
    Gemalto Client 64-bit Windows (use this if you have Windows 10)
    Gemalto Client 32-bit Windows (use this is you have Windows 7)

  • Then install the identity agent by downloading and running installation file found here:
    NHS Identity Agent

  • ONLY if you have an Omnikey smart card reader that is NOT recognised when you connect it should you download the driver file below (so don't do this step unless you are having problems).
    Smartcard driver (this driver is ONLY for the Omnikey smart card reader).

Now reboot the computer and your smartcard software should work. Remember that you must have the VPN connected BEFORE you insert your smartcard. If nothing happens when you insert your smartcard, please manually run Identity Agent by typing "Identity" into the search box next to the Windows icon (bottom-left of the screen).

'.Net Framework 2.0 not installed' 

You might see this error when installing the smartcard software. If you are using Windows 10 the solution is as follows:

Type "features" into the search box on the bottom left of the Windows screen. Then Select "Turn Windows Features on or off".

Scroll to ".NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)" and tick the box. Then press OK.

Once the installation has completed try installing the smart card software again.

Other solutions 

Away From My Desk

Allows staff to connect to their PC in the practice and access everything that they can on their work desktop.  The only problems with this are that you cant connect with Smart Card and anything you print will be sent to the printer in the practice. 

Central COVID-19 unit

TPP have announced an additional SystmOne module can be requested and set up at no cost to CCGs/Trusts etc. This can provide SystmOne access where an existing SystmOne unit is not available and could also be useful where another system used by the organisation has become unavailable as it will facilitate full access to the Airmid platform (see “Airmid” section for this).

Shared Administration

Share administration can be setup for organisation groups between surgeries in Locality so that teams can mutually support each other. Contact TPP to request this to be setup.

Video consultations

Please see separate article for Skype