Last review date 03/02/2023

Due to the complexity of the QRISK3 algorithm, Ardens are unable to create a QRISK3 calculator on SystmOne. 

This would therefore need to be created by SystmOne themselves and made available in a similar way to the QRISK2 calculator from 'Clinical Tools'. We are not aware if SystmOne are developing a QRISK3 calculator or not.


The options therefore are either: 

  • Use the existing inbuilt SystmOne QRISK2 calculator which adds the QRISK2 numeric code and value automatically, 
  • Use the link to the QRISK3 online website calculator and to manually add all the risk factors and then add the QRISK3 value on to the SystmOne template separately.

Both of these options are available on Ardens via the QRISK2/3 button.

NB: If you are using the QRISK3 online website calculator, please be cautious about doing this due to the risk of human error when asking the patient for risk factors, checking their records and inputting the values individually online.

QRISK3 website link