Last review date 03/02/2023

We have been made aware of an issue with ImmForm data for the Seasonal Influenza Refusals. 


When you use the Ardens 'Influenza Vaccination' template or record a refusal via the vaccinations node without using a template, it is usual to record it as a 'Refusal By Contents' of 'Influenza'. By recording a refusal by contents you are ensuring that the refusal covers all available vaccines.  

The QOF achievement, CQRS payment and Ardens reports all report on vaccination refusals by content whereas the ImmForm reports are reporting on vaccination refusals by specific vaccines.  This means that ImmForm practice achievement reports will be inaccurate as they most likely will not include a large number of vaccination refusals.

NB: This does not affect Seasonal Influenza QOF achievements or CQRS payment reports, only ImmForm reporting. 


We have informed the ImmForm and are communicating with TPP about this issue. Hopefully, there will be a central fix soon but in the meantime an additional tick box has been added on to the templates to record the refusal code of 'Seasonal influenza vaccination declined XaZ0i'.

To ensure that you do not miss out on any payments, we have built a report to also add this code on to the patient's record retrospectively. Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Vaccinations > Seasonal Influenza I 2019 2020 e reviews after > For Review After Clinics | Vaccination refusal by content 1/9/19-31/3/20 refusal not recognised by ImmForm (Add 'XaZ0i')'

Run this report and bulk code by; 

 - Right-clicking > Actions > Add  Read Code 

 - Select Seasonal influenza vaccination declined XaZ0i

 - In Notes add 'Previous refusal not recognised by ImmForm reports' 

 - Ok 

This code will then be extracted by the next ImmForm data extraction and should then correct the practice achievement reports.