There are a number of resources available on Ardens to assist practices with prescribing Lithium safely.

1. Monitoring Template

Ardens has a 'Lithium Monitoring' template to assist with drug monitoring and counselling. To access the drug monitoring template, go to Auto consultations > Ardens Drug Monitoring J to Z > Lithium.  The template allows clinicians to quickly record that they have completed lithium monitoring for the patient, including reviewing blood tests, recording an up to date BP and BMI, reviewing compliance and checking for interactions. The template also includes details of the bloods tests required and the warning thresholds.

2.  Reports

Ardens reports can assist with reviewing patients prescribed Lithium who are not up to date with the required monitoring.  To find the reports go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Prescribing | Alerts > Mental Health. Here you can run the reports and then review the patients' record.

3.  Status Alert

Ardens have a patient status alert which will put a !! icon in the patient’s demographic box if there are any outstanding medication review items which need to be reviewed. Double clicking on the alert will launch the 'Drug Review Required' template which will list what needs to be reviewed. Clicking on the 'Drug Specific Template' will then launch the 'Lithium Monitoring' template.