The Stroke & TIA template can be found either via Auto-Consultation > Ardens CONSULTATIONS A-C > CVA & TIA or by clicking on the stroke icon under the patient's name. 

The template is based on the latest guidance from NICE and the 'Diagnoses' page has a link to the 'Possible Stroke or TIA' template. the FAST screening criteria and a useful link to resources for differential diagnoses. You will also find a check list of actions for a suspected Stroke or TIA, and for suspected TIA, a quick action button to launch a prescription for aspirin 300mg stat.

The Review page comprehensively guides through the possible complications of stroke, and has quick action buttons to assess the relevant complications in more detail:

The last page is a resources page with several extremely useful links, including a video resource. The information from these links can either be printed, or further down this page, you will see quick action buttons which enable you to either email or send an SMS text of the relevant copied and pasted link to the patient, thus saving paper.