Last review date 03/02/2023

There are a number of ways to access the 'Panic' button in SystmOne. 

User Menu

Go to 'User > Panic Button' - Red circle with white 'x' 

Keyboard Shortcut

It is possible to use the panic button without making it obvious to anyone else in your room by using the keyboard. On the right hand side of the keyboard if you strike the Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys 

Toolbar Button

It is also possible to add the panic button to a toolbar. You need permissions to amend toolbars.  


Go to 'Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences' scroll down on the left to 'Toolbars' and select. On the right click on the 'Permissions' tab. You will see two lists - 'Not Permitted' and 'Permitted', move staff from one list to the other as required.

Individual toolbar 

Click on the configure toolbar button , decide which toolbar button set you wish to add the button to or add a new button set

If adding to a button set select it with your mouse and click 'Amend Button Set. Type panic in the search box and click search. You can then either double click on the 'Panic Button' on the left or select it and click on the '+'. One it is in the right hand side you can then change the position by using the up or down arrows before clicking 'Ok'.  

Role Specific Toolbars

Role specific toolbars are really useful to standardise what each member of staff has on their toolbars and if you need to add a button you can do this once to the whole team. 

Go to 'Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences' scroll down on the left to 'Toolbars'. Select the role specific toolbar, click 'Amend Toolbar' and follow the process above.