Last review date 03/02/2023

If you wish to send Ardens a referral amendment request, please send a copy of the document in Microsoft word format to

If your practice has received a notification from your CCG or a local service provider regarding a new referral form or an update to and existing form, please also forward a copy of this communication to Ardens support. This will satisfy our IG policy and allow our support team to action the request immediately, without the need to contact the service directly for confirmation that the referral content is accurate.

Referrals on SystmOne can easily be sent to us as Microsoft word documents by following the process below:

1. Go to ‘Setup > Referrals & letters > *New* Word Letter Templates’

2. Select the form you want to send us > right click > preview

3. Once the form has opened, copy the entire document contents (Ctrl + A) and paste (Ctrl + V) into a new blank word document.

4. Save the document (name as appropriate),  email to

The benefits of this are:

  • No risk of patient identifiable data accidently being sent to Ardens
  • Ardens support do not need to remove test patient details
  • The document received is in an easy format to upload and adapt for SystmOne
  • Members of the support team generally don’t have access to practice units, so we cannot export or copy files held in local SystmOne folders