Cease, Reinstate or Deferral from Cervical Screening Programme

The 'Cervical Cancer Screening' Template can be accessed from 'Auto-Consultation >  ardens SCREENING > Cervical Cancer', the second tab is 'Cease or Defer'. 

Primary Care Support England (PCSE)  has released new screening forms which are available from the above template and from the PCSE website;   

  • Cease 
  • Reinstate  
  • Deferral  

These forms have to be submitted via the PCSE website and by a registered user otherwise the request will be rejected. The main contact /super user for the practice will be able to add or amend additional users. To add or amend users visit this page.  

This new process generates a unique case reference number so you should only attach one form for each online request.  

example form:

Step 1

  • Ensure that you have completed the relevant form from the template and saved
  • Export the completed form;    
    • Right click on the save document in SystmOne 
    • Export > PDF
    • Select a location on your local computer to export it to 
    • Confirmation message ' The file has been saved to: '

Step 2

  • Go to the PCSE website contact us page
  • Select 'Screening – Cease/Reinstate/Defer' from the drop down menu 
  • Click 'Begin'
  • Complete all mandatory fields

  • Once you tick 'No' to 'Does your enquiry relate to an existing case? you will be presented with this new set of data capture fields to complete

  • Attach your saved document 
  • Click next

Step 3

  • Keep a record of your reference number and use it in any subsequent correspondence about your query