Last review date 03/02/2023

Access the Home Visit screen in one of the following ways:

The button on the toolbar

Use the keyboard - ctrl+H

To Book


Search for the patient 

Complete the booking details:

Staff Requested - this is not necessarily the clinician who has been assigned.  A clinician's name can be assigned here without the visit being assigned to that person.

Clinician Assigned - this is the person carrying out the home visit.

Click ok to confirm the home visit booking.

Managing a booked Home Visit

Right-click the booking to get the available options.

Defer to change the date/time of the visit

Amend to change clinician name, date, time and comments

Assign clinician to add the visiting GP name

Cancel by yourselves or the patient

Delete the booking in error


From the Home Visit screen > right click the patient's name.  Choose consultation.

The patient's record will automatically open set to face-to-face at the patient's home.

Click the icon to add consultation information