Last review date 02/12/2022

The 'Allergic Disorders' template on Ardens includes guidance and advice for managing allergies along with a link to the BSACI Care Plan. 

On this template are useful links to the 'Atopy Formulary' and the 'Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (AAI) Formulary'. The AAI formulary includes the option to quickly prescribe one or two pens of each brand. 


To access these templates, go to Autoconsultations > Ardens Conditions A to B > Allergic Disorders or search for it in the bottom left search bar on SystmOne. 

With Ardens Pro this formulary can be localised for your CCG, for further information, please see this Support Desk Article.

Reviewing Patients

Ardens also has reports for patients whose AAI may need to be reviewed.  To find these patients, go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Prescribing > Alerts|Allergies. Here you can run the reports and then review the patients record. These reports will identify children who are prescribed a 150mcg AAI and may need a higher dose prescribing.  There is also a report to find patients who have an AAI on repeat but have not had an issue in the last 20 months. These AAI's are now likely to be out of date and the patient can be contacted and a new AAI prescribed if necessary.