Last review date 03/02/2023

There are occasions when you may need to send a screenshot of parts of a patient record or a template to our Support Team. When doing this, you must not include patient identifiable data. 

Ardens staff do not have access to patient records and should not be sent patient identifiable data, either by email, as an attachment or via our Support Desk (Freshdesk). 

If Ardens receives any patient-identifiable data, the following actions will be taken:

1. If received by email, it will be deleted from the email inbox and deleted folder.

2. if received as a support ticket, it will be deleted from the ticketing system . 

3. The sender will be asked to resend the information without patient-identifiable data. The sender will also be asked to report the incident to their Information Governance lead.

4. Ardens will record the incident on the incident monitoring database and all incidents are reviewed quarterly with further actions taken if necessary.

If in any doubt Contact Us first for advice.