1. New code set

The NHS is transitioning to a new code set called SNOMED CT and TPP has started implementing this new code set and new functionality in SystmOne.

2. What do you need to do right now?

At present you can continue to code in CTV3 (Read Codes) as all existing and new codes are being mapped to SNOMED codes by TPP. This is called dual coding, please see video below. 

Now is a good time however to review all your local reports, templates, protocols and questionnaires. Any that are not required should be removed. What you have to consider is that at some point any of these resources created by the practice will need to be converted to SNOMED.  Please see our housekeeping article.
As part of this housekeeping process you need to note who else you share in templates and reports from? i.e. CCG, locality, other organisations. Do you know if they have committed to converting them to SNOMED?

3. What will Ardens do?

Ardens will manage changes from CTV3 to SNOMED CT on all the Ardens resources on behalf of our users. This will include amending all our templates and reports and manually change each CTV3 Read Code to a to SNOMED CT code as required. 

Ardens will also provide any additional support that is required.

This will obviously be very time consuming to complete, but something that we are prepared to do and will be at no additional cost to our users. You can hopefully therefore be reassured that the work required will be done by Ardens for you.

4. What should TPP be doing?

TPP are contracted to convert all of the system wide reports for the national data extractions from CTV3 to SNOMED. TPP will also be converting all of the system wide templates that they publish for practices. TPP will not convert resources created by practices or other organisations such as CCG's, CSU's and Ardens.  

5. What can you see right now?

Practices have access to additional functionality in SystmOne which can be activated by administrators to allow staff to see SNOMED codes in the code browse. This also allows users to build templates and reports based on SNOMED codes.

5.1 To activate this new functionality;

  • Go to 'Setup > User & Policy > Organisation Preferences > Clinical Policy > Clinical Coding > SNOMED' 
  • Tick 'Enable SNOMED'. 
  • Select 'Use Read codes by default' to minimise the changes to staff.

5.2 Searching for codes

Once this is activated the next time you go to the code browser and search for Asthma for example you will see an additional column for SNOMED codes and an extra button on the toolbar to toggle between CTV3 and SNOMED codes.

5.3 Clinical reports

With the new functionality activated when building reports based on codes you will be presented the option to use CTV3 or SNOMED.

5.4 Data entry templates

You will be able to add the various coding options as either CTV3 or SNOMED codes and restrict read code selection lists to SNOMED.

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