Last review date 03/02/2023

TPP made available a new area in SystmOne called the 'Resource Library'.  This can be accessed by going to 'System > Resource Library'.  Any SystmOne user can upload and share a template or questionnaire which seems a great idea.  However, there are many issues with this which we feel makes this an unsafe and as a company we do not encourage the use of the Resource Library on SystmOne; 

1. The main reason we do not encourage practices to use this is that although you can see the name of the organisation and person that uploaded the resource you really have no way of knowing who created it or when it was created 

2. There is no mechanism to ensure that these templates are updated and maintained 

3. Any views and links built in to the template do not get uploaded to the resource library with the template so you will potentially have an incomplete template 

4. . QOF and enhanced services codes may not be correct so there is potential to have a negative impact on practice income and patient care

5. Resources could be used in a clinical context without the appropriate clinical governance in place and without the insurance that is required

Occasionally we find an Ardens template that has been uploaded to the 'Resource Library' by a practice. Please see section 25. of our Terms and Conditions for further information