Last review date 03/02/2023

One question we are frequently asked by new and existing Ardens practices is "why can I see letters and templates for other areas?". The main reason is that it is the way the sharing works in SystmOne using organisation groups. 

When we create a letter template or any new resource such as a report, questionnaire, patient status alert etc. these are all published to the Ardens organisation group. As an Ardens practice you automatically have access to everything we published to the group.  That does mean that practice staff may see, for example, referral forms for other areas.  

You cannot delete or mark Ardens letters as inactive.  However, if you follow the correct procedure to create a new letter or referral by using the 'Communications' template' having access to all letters in the back ground is not an issue. You will be automatically directed to the correct letter template. 

If staff create a new letter without going through the 'Communications' template and end up searching for a letter template it then could potentially be an issue. All referral letters have been saved in folders labelled by area to help you, in this situation, to identify your referral forms.  


If there is a letter or referral form that you need to access that is not available on your 'Communications' template please let the support team know so we can look at this for you.