Sending 2ww Referrals

1. Writing The Letter

Ardens is set-up to enable the Clinician to quickly and easily write the 2ww letter themselves. This can be done at the end of the consultation by clicking on the orange arrow icon under the patients name to open the ‘Communications’ template. Any of your consultation notes will be merged on to the form and if you have used the doctors bag icon ‘General Consultation’ template to draw on a breast lump for example, this drawing will get merged on to the form too.

2. Sending The Referral 

From the orange arrow icon ‘Communications’ template again, the Clinician can then create the eRS (Choose + Book) referral and attach the letter to this referral. It’s usually easier (and more common) for the Clinician to just click the ‘Send Task’ button and ask the Admin or Secretary team to create and process the eRS on their behalf.

Referral Safety Net

1. Safety Net Letter

On the doctors bag icon ‘General Consultation’ template and the orange arrow icon ‘Communications’ template is a link to a safety net letter. The Clinician can quickly and easily give this to the patient immediately before the patient leaves the room. This means that the patient always has the appropriate information of who to contact should they not hear anything from the referral.

2. Safety Net Reports

Go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Referrals > Safety Net. Here you will find some reports that identify patients who have had a 2ww referral letter done (using Ardens) or a 2ww referral read code on their record without a more recent ‘seen in fast track clinic’ code.

To ensure that these reports do not include patients unnecessarily, please make sure your Document Processing team add the ‘Seen in fast track suspected cancer clinic XaPyg’ read code when they receive a corresponding clinic letter.