Last review date 03/02/2023

How to synchronise medication review dates to patient date of birth

Option 1: From existing repeat templates 

Go to the  'Repeat Templates' screen 

  • Click on the dotted square symbol highlighted in red. This will select all of the repeat medications
  • Click on the green triangle symbol also highlighted in red.  This will open the 'Reauthorise / Restart Repeat Templates' window
  • With one click you can clear the number of max issues 
  • Enter the required review date in the top date box 
  • Click Synchronise Review Dates

Option 2: From a new repeat template

There is a user preference that you can set to use in the future so that when amending or creating repeat templates you can synchronise all review dates.

User > User Preferences > Prescribing > Prescribing

With this preference ticked it is even easier to synchronise all review dates. When you add a new repeat you will see these boxes tick. Change the date to whatever you want i.e. patients date/month of birth and when you click OK to commit the repeat template to the record all other repeats are automatically synchronised to the date you entered. 

Note: Option 2 does not allow you to clear the maximum number of issues set on all existing repeats.