There are a number of resources to assist practices prescribe valproate safely.

1. Pop-Up Alert

SystmOne have published a nationwide pop-up on the direction of NHS Digital and MHRA. This will alert will pop-up in the following circumstances:

  • When a valproate medicine is prescribed as an acute or repeat
  • When a repeat template for a valproate medicine is issued
  • When a patient who has a current repeat valproate medicine prescription record is retrieved

2. Monitoring Template

Ardens has a 'Valproate Monitoring' template to assist with drug monitoring and counselling. To access the drug monitoring template, go to Auto consultations > Ardens Monitoring J to Z > Valproate. The template has links to the MHRA pregnancy advice leaflet and alert card, and can be used to record contraception, pre-conception and pregnancy advice. The annual risk acknowledgement form has not been included as MHRA advice stipulates this should be the patient's specialist completing this and not the GP. The template also includes details of the bloods tests required and the warning thresholds.

3.  Reports

Ardens reports can assist with reviewing female patients of childbearing potential on Valproate. To find the reports go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Prescribing > Alerts  > Neurology. Here you can run the reports and then review the patients' record.

Currently, there isn't a SNOMED code specific for the male risk acknowledgement form (RAF), so until this is available it is not possible to create a report for this.

4.  Status Alert

Ardens have a patient status alert which will put a !! icon in the patient’s demographic box if there are any outstanding medication review items which need to be reviewed including valproate pregnancy advice. Double clicking on the alert will launch the 'Drug Review Required' template which will list what needs to be reviewed. Clicking on the 'Drug Specific Template' will then launch the 'Valproate Monitoring' template.