We are often asked why Ardens referral letters are saved in the ‘Communications & Letters’  node and not in the 'Referrals' node.


  • If there is no CCG Address book, it is not possible to fully configure the referrals from a template, for example linking a referral letter to a read code and a recipient.
  • If you create an e-Referral you cannot attach a letter that has been saved under 'Referrals' and can only attached a word letter. This is because if you were to create a referral saved in the 'Referrals' node and then went on to process this as an e-Referral it would result in a duplication of entries and referral read codes.  

October 2018 is the target date for all referrals to be processed via e-Referrals 


  • Save the referral letter in the 'Communications and Letters' node. 
  • From here it can be attached to an e-Referral or sent by NHS mail.
  • The referral is coded and recorded as a referral by generating an e-Referral 

A CCG Address book can be put in place but can only be done if there is a CCG wide contract with Ardens and we have been given access to the 'CCG Reporting Unit' which hosts the address book.