We are often asked why Ardens referral letters are saved in the ‘Communications & Letters’  node and not in the 'Referrals' node on the clinical tree.

Hospital Referrals & Other eReferrals

As per National Targets, all 2ww, rapid access and routine hospital referrals should go via eRS (Choose & Book).

  • These should all be done just as a 'Letter' which is stored in the 'Communications & Letters' node. When the eRS referral is then done on SystmOne, the letter should then be attached to the eRS (Choose & Book) referral. This then results in the referral being createed and the relevant read code added to the patients record.  The letter is then attached to the eRS referral in the 'Referrals' node
  • If a letter is saved as a referral it cannot be attached to an eReferral as it would be seen as a separate paper referral to the eRS. 

Community & Other Referrals

These do not always need to be done on eRS.

  • It is not possible to fully configure a 'Word Referral' from a template without access to your SystmOne address book. These are therefore created as a normal 'Letter' and are saved in the 'Communications & Letters' node.