We are often asked why Ardens referral letters are saved in the ‘Communications & Letters’  node and not in the 'Referrals' node on the clinical tree.

Hospital Referrals & Other eRefferals

As per National Targets, all 2ww, rapid access and routine hospital referrals should go via eRS (Choose & Book).

  • These should all be done just as a 'Letter' which is stored in the 'Communications & Letters' node. When the eRS referral is then done on SystmOne, the letter should then be attached to the eRS (Choose & Book) referral. This then results in the referral and letter ending in the 'Referrals' node
  • If a letter is saved as a referral it cannot be attached to an eReferral and if you could would duplicate the referral. 

Community & Other Referrals

These do not always need to be done on eRS.

  • It is not possible to fully configure a 'Word Referral' from a template without access to your SystmOne addres book. They are therefore created as a normal 'Letter' and are saved in the 'Communications & Letters' node