We always try and ensure that our Face-to-Face training sessions are tailored to your staff and their specific needs. The following is an outline of what we can cover during our sessions. For further information and to book a training session, please see here.

Reception & Admin
1 hour
Getting Started
Reception & Admin: Who see's what, Lab Results, Patient Registration
Accessible Information: Communication Needs
End of Life: Death Documentation
Secretaries: ReferralsMed3 & Letters
Nurses & HCAs
1 hour
Getting Started
Treatment Room: Phlebotomy, Urinalysis, Wound Management, PSDs / Vitamin B12
Immunisations: Childhood Immunisations, Travel Immunisations
Health Checks: NHS Health Checks
Long Term Conditions: Asthma, Diabetes
GPs & ANPs
1 hour
Getting Started
General Consultations: Triage & Paediatrics
Referrals: Referrals
Procedures: Minor Surgery, Injections, Implants
End of Life: Palliative Care, Death Documentation                     
Prescribing: Drug Optimisation, High Risk Drug Monitoring 
Other: Cancer Care
Practice Managers & Data Quality Team
1 hour
Getting Started
QOF & Enhanced Services: QOF Health Check, Contracts
Report: Reporting
Meetings: Meetings