Last review date 16/12/2022

To run a report on the number of appointments by specific staff or staff roles can be difficult in SystmOne. 

One option is to report on events rather than appointments. The difficulty with reporting on events though is that any entry in the journal is considered an event. So to narrow down the results you need to specify any Face to Face event, done here, by a specific staff member or staff role. 

This is one suggested method. 

Step 1. Create the report

Go to Reporting > Clinical Reporting > New 

  • Give your new report a title and set the category and sub-category as required
  • Expand 'Clinical' 
  • Click on 'Event Dates' and set your required dates, in this example I have set to report on anything after 1/4/2017

  • Expand 'Clinical'
  • Click on 'Event Staff, Location and Visibility'
  • Select 'Event done at'  -  'Here' 
  • Select event recorded with consultation method of 'Face to face' 
  • Select 'Event recorded with a staff type of ( here is the tricky but as it depends on how your smart card roles have been configured as to what you need to select here. In this example Clinical Practitioner Access relates to GPs) 
  • Instead of staff type, you could select 'Event done by' to report on an individual clinician
  • Click 'Ok' and run the report  

Step 2. Breakdown the results 

Once the report has run, and you see a green tick, right-click on the report and select 'Breakdown Results'. 

  • Select 'Item Count' 
  • Under 'Demographics' select at least 'NHS number' but you may decide to select more options. 
  • Under 'Event details' select 'Event done by'
  • Click refresh and then click on the column header for 'Item Count' to reorder the column by the largest number at the top.  

You should now have a list of patients by NHS number, with face-to-face events done by a GP which if you want to you can right-click on the list and select 'Table' - 'Open as CSV' to open the data in Excel.