Last review date 03/02/2023

'Bookmarks' can be very useful for quickly accessing a link to a website or file that you frequently use but is saved elsewhere. To access 'Bookmarks' go to 'Clinical Tools' and 'Bookmarks' are at the bottom of the list. 

The top 'Bookmark' has an option to configure, this allows you to create, amend or delete. These are user configured 'Bookmarks' though so other staff will not be able to access your 'Bookmarks'. 

If you are unable to see 'Bookmarks' that have been setup there is a button at the bottom of this window to 'Restore Defaults' which will reset your 'Bookmarks' to the organisational 'Bookmarks'.

The best way to configure 'Bookmarks' is via the 'Organisational Preferences'. Go to Setup > User & Policy > Organisational Preferences >  Bookmarked URLs 

If you have multiple 'Bookmarks' it can be helpful to organise them by setting up categories.