Last review date 03/02/2023

Ardens contains reports and alerts to help drug optimisation, for example:

  • ?Start statin as has CVD (& no read code for declined/contraindication)
  • ?Stop apixaban as eGFR <15
  • ?Increase betablocker for CHF as below target dose
  • ?Reduce citalopram as >20mg and >65y old
  • ?Review benzodiazepine as >3 issues in last 6 months

These can be accessed by going to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Prescribing

If a patient's medication needs optimisation, they will also have a ' !! ' icon under their name. Just click this to open the appropriate template.

From within a patient’s record you can access the 'MHRA + Drug Alerts’ template from the bottom right of the ‘Drug Review’ template. This template includes a list of medication optimisation considerations for the patient, plus recent MHRA drug alerts.