Last review date 03/02/2023

There are many reasons why you may wish to back date an entry in SystmOne that you are making, even amend who did the event and the contact method.

There are a various ways to achieve this. 

1. Recording a new backdated event 

On your toolbar you may have the ‘Details’ blue ball button or further down ‘Event Details’

Both buttons take you to the same 'Event Details' window. On this window you can specify:

  • The exact date and time or change the pick list to just date
  • The staff member who did the event
  • The contact method i.e. face to face, phone call etc. 

Then when you have finished click OK

Once you have clicked OK, the toolbar button changes colour from blue to green and everything that you record until you next save will be recorded using those event details. 

Please Note:  The Details may also have an icon displayed ie telephone, this will be related to the option selected under Contact Details.

2. Back dating an entry using a template 

It is possible to specify a date when recording data in a template. At the top of every template you should see these options. 

3. Amending an existing event date 

Go to the entry in the New Journal or Tabbed Journal that you wish to amend the date, right click on the date and select Amend Details > Amend date

You can then amend the exact date and time or select exact date, click ok and save the record.

In the journal you can tell when an entry has been amended or backdated by these symbols and if you hover your cursor over them it tells you who amended and when.

Please Note: Amending Consultations is only available to people who have the Amend Consultations Access available on their Smart Card.

To backdate Vaccinations using an Ardens template, please see our Backdating Vaccinations Support Article for more details.