You can record consent for the Enhanced SCR with Additional Information by clicking on the blue hand icon under the patients name to open the Sharing Records template and then selecting the appropriate read code.

Any templates which have data fields with 'SCR-AI' annotated beside them means that this information will be included on the patient's SCR-AI.

To make it easier to manage the record the SCR, ensure that you have the Summary Care Record node in your clinical tree. It is possible to add additional items from the patient record to the patients Summary Care Record. 

Before you can do this you must gain and record the expressed consent from the patient. Click on the right hand of the 5 buttons button at the top of the SCR screen to record consent / dissent

Once you have consent you can click on the left hand of the top 5 buttons. Any items listed in the Included Items window will be added once consent is recorded. Anything else from the left hand window can also be added by double clicking it. When you save the patient's record, the changes will be made to their summary care record.