Last review date 03/02/2023

SystmOne has the facility to record details of equipment that you loan out to patients such as BP, ECG monitors and Nebulisers. Ardens templates are available to help with this and can be accessed from the 'Reception and Administration' template.  

Step 1: Adding equipment to stock 

Before you can start using this facility you need to record all of your loan equipment. Go to Setup > Data Entry > Equipment


You should then be able to see these options on the screen. To organise multiple pieces of equipment it is better to create an equipment type first then add a new equipment item under that type.  

Click on New Equipment Types and select a category from the pick list, give it a useful name and click ok

If what you need to record isn't available click on New category to create a new entry on the pick list and click ok. 

On the 'New Equipment Type' window, If you tick the option to 'Create stock items for this equipment'  it will expand to allow you to use the 'Pencil' icon to record individual pieces of equipment for that category. If you don't tick it you can still record these by selecting 'New Equipment Item'. Although you can't report on 'barcode' or 'last serviced' dates it is useful to record this information so that you can at least see it in the equipment list. 

Step 2: Recording the equipment Loan

From the 'Reception and Administration' template you can access the 'Equipment.' template.  

On each of the equipment tabs you can record the equipment loan and on each there is a link to a loan agreement which can be printed off and signed by the patient.

Step 3: Monitoring loan equipment 

It is possible to run a report on loaned equipment by going to Reporting > Miscellaneous Reports > Equipment Report

From the 'Equipment' template,  on each of the equipment tabs there is a  link for an 'Overdue Reminder' which opens the 'Equipment Overdue' template. From here you can send a reminder to the patient by copying the text from the template in to a new SMS or Email or send a Letter.