Font Size

Sometimes the Font Size on the SystmOne PC settings causes problems with the templates, for example if font size is too large, the template may have distracting scroll bars and arrows everywhere on it.

It has also been discovered that very occasionally having the font set to anything larger than +1 causes large protocols to stop running, this sporadically effects protocols that launch the 'EOL Drug Chart' and the 'Mental Wellbeing Advice Sheet'

If your SystmOne has become frozen and you just have the blue circle press 'CTRL'+'SHIFT'+'ESC' which will open the Windows Task Manager. From here you can select SystmOne and click on 'End Task' to shut down SystmOne. 

To amend this, go to System > PC Settings > User Interface > Font Size. Change this to Font Size 0 or +1, then restart your SystmOne and all should be resolved.

Screen Resolution

Your screen resolution can affect the size of the template and distort it so that you miss certain parts. 

To change your resolution, right click on your windows desktop > screen resolution. Then adjust the resolution, with small changes, until you find a setting that works for you and your screen. Open SystmOne and check that you can still see everything with your new resolution, if you cant you will need to increase the resolution until you can.

For high resolution screens, also try clicking the option that says ‘Make text and other items larger or smaller’ and increase this to 100% or 125%. Then close and re-open SystmOne which will hopefully help improve the display settings.