Last review date 03/02/2023

Sending emails + SMS

Sending Emails + SMS messages to patients is quick and easy. If a patient does not have email or SMS details and consent, you’ll see a notepad icon under their name. Click this and use the ‘Patient Contact Details’ template to record their details and consent.

Next time you open their records you’ll see an Email and/or SMS icon under their name. Just click this to send them a quick message. Add User or Organisation Pre-sets to make things even simpler too.

Reporting on mobile numbers

There is no option to immediately do this so the first thing to do is build a report that shows all patients. 

  • Go to Reporting > Clinical Reporting > New and create a report based just on age over ‘0’. (Your practice may have a specific policy about sending SMS to patients under the age of 16, in this case set the age as required)
  • Once you have run the report, right click and select breakdown results and under demographics select 'Telecom type' and refresh. This will show you a list of types one of which will be mobile
  • You can then right click and show patients 

Please note: There will be multiple pages of results. 

Reporting on email addresses

Using the same report above you can breakdown under demographics by 'Email address recorded' and refresh

Please note: There will be multiple pages of results.