Last review date 02/12/2022

Ardens templates can be accessed quickly and easily from:

  • Patient Status Alerts – If the patient has a LTC or alert, click the icon under their name
  • F12 - For quick access to your favourite templates, find out more here 
  • Toolbar - To customise your toolbar, click here
  • Search Bar – Search for any template in the bottom left corner of SystmOne
  • Auto-Consultations – For an index of all the templates

If the template size or layout looks distorted, please check your screen resolution & font size

Ardens templates all follow a similar layout and format, making them quick to navigate and find what you need. For example, on a consultation template:

  • The history and scores are always at the top
  • Investigations and diagnostic criteria are in the middle
  • Leaflets, Formularies & Care Plans are at the bottom

N.B. We do not recommend using a single ‘launcher template' with links to other common templates for a couple of reasons. Firstly because you can often access the template you want from the patient status alert icons under the patient name and if not then what everyone uses very much differs depending upon their role, and it’s therefore much better to use your F12 favourites. Secondly, if you use a 'launcher template' you then have another template open which is not only irritating if you want to go back to look at the notes and have to therefore also close this launcher template, but it also adds and extra line in the new journal causing ‘note bloat’ making the new journal harder to read.