1. Install Searches

At present you can upload the following areas onto Ardens Manager

Ardens Manager AreaEMIS Reports Location
view Ardens Search Hierarchy

Alerts | COVID-19

5.1 Ardens Manager Service Reports
> Alerts | COVID-19

Conditions | CVD

5.1 Ardens Manager Service Reports
> Conditions | CVD

Conditions | Diabetes

5.1 Ardens Manager Service Reports
> Conditions | Diabetes

Conditions | Frailty & EoL

5.1 Ardens Manager Service Reports
> Conditions | Frailty & EoL

Conditions | Respiratory

5.1 Ardens Manager Service Reports
> Conditions | Respiratory

Vaccinations | COVID-19

1.5 Ardens Immunisation Searches
> Ardens COVID19 Vaccination Searches
>> Ardens Manager Reports

Please check you have the most up-to-date resources of the above before continuing. If you already have the most up-to-date resources, please skip to Step 2. 

To download the most up-to-date searches, please click on the button below and follow instructions to install the searches:


a. Once you have downloaded and saved the searches on your desktop, please go to EMIS, navigate to Population Reporting and select an appropriate folder to import the searches to (i.e. 'Ardens-QMasters'). Next, click import.

b. Please then click on the three dots to the far right of Enquiry Document, find the .xml file you saved and click OK.

c. You should now see the new folder of reports under Ardens-QMasters. 


2. Run & Export Results

a. Within the your uploaded folder you will find a search named 'Ardens Manager XXXXX Report'

i.e. For COVID-19 Vaccinations go to 1.5 Ardens Immunisations Searches > Ardens COVID19 Vaccination Searches > Ardens Manager reports > Ardens Manager COVID Vaccination Report


Please right click on this search and click Run.

b. Once the reports have run, you will see today's date next to the report.

You can then click on 'View results' in the ribbon.

c. Once the results have opened, click on the Export button.

d. Next check that CSV is selected and ensure 'Exclude report header' is unticked.

Please then save your CSV to your PC. Once saved, please find the CSV again and open in Excel. 

3. Paste Reports into Ardens Manager

a. Once the CSV has opened, hit Ctrl+A to highlight all the reports followed by Ctrl+C to copy the reports.

b. Please return to Ardens Manager and open the ' Uplaod Service Reports' task.

Select the box on the task and press Ctrl+V to paste into the box. Once the box has filled with your reports, please click Import.

c. Please then repeat the previous step for any other folders you wish to import.

You can upload your service data to Ardens Manager as many times as you like. By uploading your data frequently, you will easily be able to monitor your performance over time.