A commonly asked question around Minor Surgery is that of coding to enable payment to happen. All of the Arden's templates code the procedure that has been completed, be this an injection or aspiration. This is so that the clinical notes are accurate and clear as to what occurred in line with best practice. 

However a number of CCG's insist that payment will only happen for events coded as Minor surgery done (XaF6J), this presents the age old conundrum between what is seen as best practice for record keeping purposes, and easy for the clinical team, and what is been requested by the commissioners. 

The way around this is the use of a Protocol that will automatically add the code Minor surgery done (XaF6J) if any of the other minor surgery event codes are used. What this simply means is the clinical team code what they have done accurately the system will make sure the payment code is put in place with no further input required. 

Due to us being unable to push out Protocol in a deactivated state we are not able to have this set up already, but will rather need to be set up locally.  if you are having problems with this or in need of support getting this set up them please do contact us on support@ardens.org.uk and we can assist.