We have created various walkthroughs within Ardens Manager to ensure you are confident using and navigating through the site. 


  • Add Staff
    To get the most out of Ardens Manager, we recommend that you add as many staff from your organisation as possible. This will allow you to allocate reports to all your team. 


  • Accept QOF Contract
    Before you can access the QOF dashboards, your Ardens Manager System Administrator must accept the invitation to join the QOF Contract.

  • Upload Data
    This walkthrough guides you through the upload process for both EMIS and SystmOne practices.

  • Explore the Report Tab
    Once you have uploaded your data, the report tab allows you to view your data in money terms. Here you can identify income obtained, missed income and corresponding £/patient.

  • Explore the Data Tab
    The data tab allows you to visualise your data in patients and points only. Here you can easily identify your performing in comparison to the indicator thresholds.

  • Explore the Contracts Tab
    The Contract Tab contains content from the GMS Contract which you are always able to refer back to.