Please note that you can only upload data to Ardens Manager once a day. If you cannot see the 'Upload Clinical Activity' task then please check that data has not been uploaded already today and that you are logged in as a GP Practice in the right hand corner of the screen.

Extracting data from SystmOne

If this is the first time uploading your pracitce data, please go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens Ltd, find the report labeled '** All Reports For Ardens Manager **, right click and select 'Run'. It should take a few minutes to run this so please wait for all linked reports to run before continuing. If you are displayed with an access rights error when attempting to run the reports, please see instructions on how to remove this here.

Once the reports have run, you can now extract your data for upload;

  • Go to ‘Reporting  > Clinical Reporting >Ardens Ltd’ 
  • Select the ‘Ardens Ltd’ folder on the left hand side
  • You should now see a long list of reports on the right, please ensure that these are sorted by Name 
  • Right click on ** All Reports For Ardens Manager **
  • At the very bottom of the menu that appears go to ‘Table > Open as CSV’ 
  • Excel should then open a spreadsheet 


If you expand the columns you will see we are not extracting any patient identifiable data just numbers.  You may also note that there will be some gaps in the data / dates and some older dates. We are not yet running every single Ardens report in this batch so this is normal. 

Information uploaded to Ardens Manager is always anonymous and never contains any Patient Identifiable data (PID).



Next, please copy and paste all the reports into Ardens Manager. You can do this by hitting Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+C. Then please open Ardens Manager and you should see a task labeled 'Upload Clinical Activity' either on your home page or in any task on the Service Management module. Please click on the 'Upload' button and paste your reports in the box by hitting Ctrl+V. 

After you have pasted the reports into Ardens Manager, it will process all the reports and ignore the ones which either have no patient count or have not been run today. Next, click 'Import' and all your reports will be uploaded to Ardens Manager in a matter of minutes.

If an error message is displayed when attempting to upload reports, you will be shown which reports have caused the error which usually means these reports have not been run or are missing from your pasted selection. Please check the following:

  • The batch report on SystmOne ran last night, for more information on how to set this up, please see here. Alternatively, you can manually run all your reports in the Ardens Ltd folder. We do not recommend doing this during practice hours as it may considerably slow down SystmOne.
  • You have exported a Table CSV from the 'Ardens Ltd' folder.
  • You have copied and pasted all the reports in your exported CSV rather than some of them.