Last review date 03/02/2023

"If a Patient is over 65 will they still appear on the invite list even though they have come out on the search to be reviewed ? As I have run the searches and I have people in care homes and patients over 65 appearing ?"
Yes, the idea of running the review reports and doing the tidy up work before hand is so that the correct patients are appearing in the invitation reports ready for recall.
Housebound and residential patients should be excluded from the invitation reports, if you can see patients in your reports results that are in a care home etc it is most likely because they haven’t been coded as a residential patient. This is different to recording the residential institute codes. Please see this article which will explain further - residential-institute-codes-read-codes
"Do we have to add a read code to qualify for payments?"
No, if the vaccination is recorded correctly in the vaccinations node then you don't need to duplicate by read code.  If it is only recorded as a read code then it becomes difficult to see in the record if a patient has been vaccinated.
"How do I amend batch numbers and expiry dates?"
Setup > Vaccinations > Vaccination Batch numbers
"The template for recording Flu vaccinations 'Declined' section gives the choice of "Influenza Refusal" and takes you to another window to record refusal by Vaccination or Contents but this does not add a Read Code.  We record Flu Declined by using XaZ0i - Seasonal influenza vaccination declined.  Can there be a an option added to select this Read Code?"
You do not need to read code either the vaccination or a refusal both should be recorded in the vaccination node and will be identified by reports for QOF and for payment.
"All my invitation counts state zero.   
We printed our first invitation letters earlier this week and all were coded as sent a flu invitation (XaLHL). 
Now all my invitation reports say zero."

That’s a good thing and is the way that it has been designed to work.  
The ‘For 2nd Invitation’ reports are looking for 1st invitation codes and that they were recorded over 2 weeks ago.   
So once your 1st invitation code has been recorded for more than 2 weeks the ‘For 2nd Invitation’ reports will then show numbers.  
Likewise when you have sent out your 2nd invitation, 2 weeks later the patients will appear in the 3rd Invitation report. 

We understand that declines recorded before 1st September will not be picked up by reports, but are we able to record PSDs before 1st September?."

Yes PSDs can be applied at any time and are valid for a year from the date it is recorded in the record. These are not part of the reporting requirements for QOF / payment.

"Is the code 'Influenza vaccination given by other healthcare provider' (XaZOe)  in your exclusion subreports? I can't see it. Or the code for given by Pharmacist?"

Yes I can confirm that the Ardens reports exclude both.