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The cost for an individualised QOF income report is £395 +VAT. We are confident that we can identify areas where you can increase your potential QOF income by £3,000 or more, but if our report identifies a sum of less than £3,000 we will not charge you for this report.

For further information, please see our QOF Health Check article. Please note that you still have access to all of the QOF Missed Income reports on Ardens as part of the standard package and do not need to purchase this additional Individualised report. This report just highlights the financial implications of these reports which can be a useful motivator to do the work. If you do not wish to have the additional individualised report, we recommend that you concentrate on the Dementia, Osteoporosis and Heart Failure reports, as these are the ones where practices usually gain the most additional QOF income from.


These reports identify potential coding errors where a patient does not have the correct read code to place them on the QOF register. Each patient should have their record reviewed and clinical judgement should be used to decide whether or not the patient should be added on to the QOF disease register. The total patient count and missed income may be less as one patient may appear on two reports, for example on the ?Dementia as on repeat meds and ?Dementia as h/o dementia report If a patient is added to a QOF register, there may be further outstanding QOF work that is required in order to achieve the full amount of missed income available. For reports like ?Osteoporosis and ?Heart failure, investigations like DEXA scans and echos may be required to confirm the diagnosis before you add the patient to your QOF registers. The 'Time To Do' calculations are based on it taking on average 3 minutes per patient to review their record and add a QOF disease register code if appropriate. If a 'Time To Do' states 1 day, this is 24 hours of work, so in practice would take 3 days working for 8 hours a day. These reports are only intended for use as a guide and Ardens does not guarantee or take responsibility for any of the data that is produced from these reports. Your practice data will be held on a secure Microsoft cloud service via the Ardens Support Sharepoint account but Ardens takes not responsibility for any loss of data.