There are a number of ways to access the QOF templates, the exception codes are only available on the QOF templates 

From the LTC consultation template 

Clicking on the various icons below the patients address will open the consultation templates rather than the QOF templates. The data entry fields marked with a red star are the QOF requirements. From each of the LTC consultation templates there is a link to the QOF template. This is consistently a red star symbol bottom right of all the LTC templates. More information about exempting LTC patients can be found here


From the QOF alerts

The QOF alerts on the patient home screen will only take you to the Ardens QOF templates if your practice has setup the QOF alerts by following the instructions in step 5 here. Exception coding is available on all QOF templates.

From the F12 Launcher

If you have added any QOF templates to the F12 launcher you can access them using this method. This is useful for clinicians that deal with specific LTCs and carryout QOF reviews.