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Follow-Up LTC

To find the patients that need following up, go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > LTC Review > Follow-Up Required. This report identifies patients who have had their review (and the ‘LTC review completed’) more than one day ago but without the ‘LTC Follow-Up Completed’ read code. Just run this report and then show these patients.

Then click this icon under the patients name for the ‘Long Term Condition Review’ template, then click the ‘Follow-Up’ tab.


Alerts will identify tests that have been done but have not been checked. An alert will also show if the medication needs reauthorising. Either;

  • Right click the alert then click action
  • Click the buttons on the right of the template to complete anything outstanding

Once the follow-up has been done, tick the ‘LTC Follow-up completed’ tick box to remove the patient from the report for patients needing follow-up.

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